What to Expect

On your first visit Dr. Kandis Lock, ND will perform a careful and detailed assessment of your health status taking into consideration your current health, your medical history and your lifestyle.  Dr. Kandis will then do a brief screening physical exam and make a detailed health plan based on her findings.

A 30-45 minute follow up visit will generally follow in 3-4 weeks to allow you to implement our health strategy and notice any changes. If we decide that acupuncture is the route we are going to go, then weekly to bi-weekly treatments are the standard of care.


Dr. Kandis Lock, ND got her first taste of Naturopathic Medicine while studying traditional healing methods as an undergraduate at the University of Alberta. As an anthropology student she studied a variety of ancient healing practices from around the world. It was at the end of her undergrad that she realized that practicing these medicines, rather than studying them academically, was an inevitable course of action. These forms of medicine are her passion...

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Conditions Treated

Dr. Kandis has a general family practice and sees a wide variety of both acute and chronic ailments. Common Acute Ailments include...

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Naturopathic Therapies
Conditions Treated

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