I have been a Naturopath for over a decade, walking people through their health journey. It’s been meaningful and wonderful and I loved it. As my practice grew I started to notice that what really gave me the chills (those good kind of chills) was those moments when life and health came together. 


What does that mean? Those beautiful awakenings that happened when a patient noticed their patterns (be it health patterns, life patterns) and had the lightbulb moment. Where the dots were connected and the transformation could really, truly begin. This is when the health advice stuck, the conscious practices and choices become habits over time. 


What does this mean exactly?


The moment a patient realizes that they are having trouble sticking to their supplement regime and diet choices because they are overwhelmed with work, being a mom and balancing the zillion things that go along with both. The “Aha” moment of, oh, this is one more task that feels like “too much”. Then the real healing begins with a new question:


What do I need to shift, let go of, or rearrange to prioritize myself first? 


It’s this first step, the moment where a patient recognizes that health is not just taking the pill or doing “the thing”, but that it’s all of it. ALL OF IT. Part of it IS finding the diet that fits your life, the prescription that helps you move forward. AND finding what’s meaningful and purposeful. Pulling all the pieces together for themselves. Starting with, what do I want, really want, in all parts of my life? Where does health fit into that? And then, how do I get there? 


And that’s where I come in. Helping you figure out how to get there. 


You know how, your body knows how, and it’s  about tapping into that knowledge. 


I am a Naturopathic Doctor and can help you with your health goals

I am a Coach and can help you with your life goals

I am a Mom and understand what it’s like to have many hats

I am an entrepreneur and work hard at balancing home and life

I am connector of dots and help people do the same

I am a guide and will walk with you on your health journey

I am your biggest cheerleader and will encourage you every step of the way


And you,

You know the way, let me help you remember it.


Having a general family practice, she has experience treating a wide spectrum of diseases and in addition has a special interest hormonal health, digestive concerns, and general well-being. She uses botanical (herbal) medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicine, clinical nutrition and prescription hormones. She also believes in the importance of an integrative approach to medicine and will work with your MD, specialists, and other health care practitioners.

Dr. Kandis Lock, ND is registered with the College of Naturopaths (CONO) and is a member in good standing of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).