Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress: Part 1

June 29, 2021, Educational, Health tips, no Comments

Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress: Part 1 If you are a human being living on this planet, you are probably no stranger to stress and the many ways it can affect your life. Though you might be surprised to learn that some of the medical, emotional, or behavioural issues you have are actually related …

Easing into Intermittent Fasting

May 18, 2021, Uncategorized, no Comments

Intermittent fasting is a wonderful healthy lifestyle choice, but one that does take some getting used to. If you are struggling to keep up with fasting, you might want to ease into it at a slower pace. Be Clear About What You Expect and Why When you see success stories about people who get amazing …

Probiotics: What are they and do we need them?

April 27, 2021, Educational, Health tips, no Comments

To understand probiotics it’s best to zoom out and talk about the microbiota that inhabit us. The microbiota is the diverse organisms that inhabit a particular area. In relation to us humans that means bacteria, viruses, archaea and other organisms that live both in and on us. Photo from: Depending on whether you are …

The Hallmarks of Cancer and How Food Can Have a Positive Impact

March 6, 2021, Educational, Health tips, no Comments

For anyone who has been diagnosed or looking for prevention, the foray into understanding cancer and understanding what your oncologist AND the infamous Dr. Google is telling you can be a daunting endeavour. There is a lot of new research, better understanding, and greater help for those diagnosed. And yet, it’s still a scary place …

Fever and thermal therapy. Why heat is a good thing.

January 21, 2020, Educational, no Comments

Have you met the people that tell you, quite proudly, they never, ever, ever get sick? Do you find yourself feeling just a wee bit jealous? Well, feel jealous no more! Exercising our immune system with a good fever may feel yucky, but it is great for all kinds of reasons. Not getting sick or …

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