DNA Genetic Testing Kits: How Do They Work?

September 9, 2016, Educational, no Comments

Genomic Medicine: What is the deal with 23andMe? A relatively new medical discipline is emerging based on the notion of using your genetic material to tailor your medical care. I get asked a lot about it; How does it work and what does it mean? And what does 23andMe provide me with? Here is typically …

Why Does a Fever Happen? (And Why Getting One Can Be a Good Sign)

September 9, 2016, Uncategorized, no Comments

Why fever is GOOD Have you met the people that tell you, quite proudly, they never, ever, ever get sick? Do you find yourself feeling just a wee bit jealous? Stop feeling jealous. Well, quite frankly, not getting sick ever, not spiking a fever ever, is a red flag. From an ND perspective, this means …

Adrenal Fatigue: When You’re Tired of Being Tired

September 7, 2016, Educational, Lifestyle, no Comments

GASed: Tired of Being Tired An MD friend of mine (yes ND and MD can be friends!) asked me what adrenal fatigue is. This is not something that is part of the conventional medical speak, and so, when a patient walks into an MD’s office and says, “My naturopath says I have adrenal fatigue”, they …

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