Ease into Exercise

Getting moving is very important to health! We all know that there is a myriad of health benefits. But what kind of exercise and when do we fit it in different for everyone. Believe me, I can use every excuse under the sun (and sometimes I do!):

I don’t like the gym!

I don’t have time!

I’m too tired!

I have a physical injury!




How do I get around this? Fortunately, I live about 3 km from where I work. I have decided that for now, while my kids are little and still need a lot from me, walking to work gets me at least some exercise in. Yes, right now it’s not cardio, I’m not lifting weights, and it’s not perfect. But. It’s something.

After the birth of my second daughter I found out I had a hernia and a diastasis. The two things have caused me some discomfort, but are not considered any sort of medical emergency. I have tried some yoga and some other activities, the end result being that they are ok as long as I modify. Still, I find myself, with wee kids, having trouble getting to a class once I am at home. My solution for the time being, until I can get the surgery to fix the hernia, and perhaps even until I feel less tired from the days demands, is walking. And it’s making a difference. My legs and core are getting stronger, and my extra baby weight is dropping off.

Walking also allows me the time to get into the day’s groove, plan for my work day, organize my thoughts and feel ready when I walk into the office. At the end of the day it allows me the down time to process the day and shift from doctor to “mommy”.

Even if you don’t live relatively close to work you can park your car further away, hop off the bus a few stops away. Choose to take the stairs not the elevator. Go for a walk at lunch time. Just getting started and integrating the activity into your everyday routine is the key. You don’t have to bench press hundreds of pounds or run a marathon. Good for you if you do, but if your hurdle is starting, if your hurdle is fear of the gym or that you won’t do the exercise right, or that you don’t have time, start simply. Go from there.

For me, my next steps is to progress from walking, to biking in the summer, to start attending a regular yoga class again, like I did pre babies. But for now, I am gentle with myself, I do the best I can and make sure that I walk.


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  • Shawndel Hawryluk says:

    This comes at a great time. I’m trying hard to incorporate more exercise but never thought of it this way. Great advice and thanks for the tip.


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