How to help yourself when feeling stuck.

We all have those moments. I’m lost, I’m stuck. What’s the next step I need to take? I’m freaking out! Whether it be something health related or otherwise, centring is a simple tool to get your nervous system back on line. When you are in fight or flight, it’s hard to think and be rational. When you can centre, you bring yourself back into a more restful state, which allows your brain to actually reason and make choice. Here are the steps:
1. Feel your feet on the ground
2. Stand or sit tall (lengthen spine)
3. Big breath in
4. Breathe out and at the same time, relax belly, unclench jaw, relax muscles around eyes.
Repeat. Notice if you feel more ease. Even slightly.
Give it a go! Worst case scenario nothing changes, best case, you feel better!

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