Why we burnout

There are many reasons we burnout. The most common reasons are as follows:

1. Over-giving syndrome: there is a need to please others and put their needs above your own.

2. Over-achieving syndrome: there is a need to continue to “do”. One more certificate, one more thing to learn, one more promotion to achieve. If I do “x” then I will have the knowlege I need to do “y”.  My worth is tied in to being busy.

The reasons for over-achieving or over-giving often have the same root: to feel a sense of community, to be loved, admired or respected, and to feel safe. These often stem from trauma patterns, cultural and upbringing. AND there are ways to develop new habits to break the cycle and prevent burnout.

Notice when you are wanting to say no, but say yes instead. What do you do in your body? Is there a place that you feel a sensation before you say yes? Can you start to notice when this arises before the yes slips out of your mouth? It’s not always easy to say no, when we are so used to saying yes. Try practicing with things that don’t matter first. Like, “do you want some gum” No thanks. Callibrating up to things that matter is key to successful application.

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